Site Clearance In Wordsley

At Rowan Tree and Garden Services, we have over a decade of experience in site clearance in Wordsley and across the West Midlands. The first step in any construction project is site clearance. Plots of land need to be cleared before any other work can begin, including the assessment of any hazardous materials left on site from previous buildings or machinery. Our DBS checked staff will be able to work in all environments, and we pride ourselves on being site clearance and waste experts. 

Without being able to safely sort, clear, remove and dispose of site waste, a project will stall. Dealing with mounds of rubble will be a daunting task to even the most adventurous DIYer, and is better left to the professionals. We carry out all works to a national standard and our staff are always up to date on recognised qualifications.

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The Services We Offer In Wordsley

  • Building Demolition in Wordsley - We can assess and perform a range of demolition tasks in both domestic and commercial settings, with consultation available that will tailor a course of action that fits the structure itself and the environment that the target building is in. Several factors need to be considered when attempting a controlled demolition, including the location of the building with regards to hazards such as other structures or power lines, and the materials used to construct the building marked for demolition. These factors will all affect the safe demolition of your unwanted building. We can raze a building to the ground whilst stripping out useful material for further use, safely sort materials for disposal, and leave your outdoor space safe and clear for further development.
  • Vegetation Clearance in Wordsley - Proper site clearance is a necessary part of improving your green spaces, and is a task suited to an experienced professional team. We offer solutions to the problem of overgrown and unchecked vegetation in green spaces that are unsafe, unsightly and are not able to be used by their owners. Our specially trained staff using the latest technology can clear any site of massed trees, tangled bushes and wild undergrowth. This task will need to be completed before any other work can be started, such as laying fences, turfing or building outbuildings.
  • Site Dig-Off in Wordsley - Sites that have been excavated will leave behind amounts of material that have to be sorted and cleared before work can proceed any further. We will manage all on-site collections and dispose of them safely, legally and with care taken that any recyclable materials are not sent to landfill.
  • Bulk Waste Removal in Wordsley - Some green spaces look less like a sanctuary and more like a building site, so whether you are moving into a neglected property or have let your own outdoor space get filled with unwanted items, we can safely and conscientiously clear the area and dispose of your waste. Property owners face stiff fines if they or their contractors are caught fly-tipping, so the proper scrapping and recycling of unwanted material takes time, consideration and a lot of effort.
  • Excavation in Wordsley - When upgrading or replacing an outside green space, we offer a whole range of hardscaping services that require excavation. Digging foundations and building retaining walls are just two common tasks we carry out using mechanical and hand tools.
  • Ground Levelling in Wordsley - The first step when the construction of a new building or landscaping starts is the proper levelling of ground. Uneven surfaces create a knock-on effect that may seem minimal at ground level but can result in catastrophic structural failure. This step should not be taken without proper consultation as level ground is vital when starting any construction project. We use traditional techniques as well as modern laser technology to ensure that any work carried out results in as flat an area as possible.

Why Choose Rowan for Site Clearance in Wordsley?

One of the key steps in any well planned project is the ability to start from scratch with a clear and safe space. Trips and falls are some of the most common causes of injuries in the home as well as at work, and this is no different when tackling a project in your green space. A comprehensive site clearance plan will create a clean slate to work from, enabling further work to be completed quickly and safely. 

With more than ten years of experience in arboriculture, hard and soft scaping and site clearance, we have tackled jobs large and small in domestic, council and business environments in Wordlsey and the West Midlands. Our comprehensively insured staff have experience safely handling building materials, vegetation, trees, rubble and fly-tipped waste. We put in the hard work so you can relax and enjoy seeing your green space transformed from an eyesore to a sanctuary.


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