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What does your garden mean to you? To us, it means a place to relax, a sanctuary away from the world where you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors in the comfort of your own home. It’s full of healthy trees and bushes, and is a pleasant place to be all year round.

We have served Wordsley and wider West Midlands for over ten years, and want to add you to our long list of happy clients. We have worked with all types of clients, from private clients to schools, so our DBS checked and fully insured staff can be trusted with your back garden.

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Tree Surgery Services We Offer in Wordsley

  • Tree Felling & Tree Removal in Wordsley - Trees are amazing living beings, sometimes hundreds of years old and a haven for life of all kinds. When they’re healthy, they are focal points in any green space and something to be proud of. But, when they are damaged or diseased, they can be dangerous to you and your property. If we need to, we can safely take a tree down in any direction, then remove the wood safely.
  • Sectional Dismantling in Wordsley - What if you have a tree that needs to be taken down, but it’s in danger of hitting buildings, power lines or even other trees? We would need to go up the tree in question with special equipment, and cut it down in smaller sections that are lowered to the ground. We can take down a fully mature tree in a really small space.
  • Tree Crown Lifting in Wordsley - The crown of a tree starts where the branches reach out from the trunk. The lower limbs are the most likely ones to interfere with your property, or limit access underneath the tree. We can improve the overall shape of the tree, improve its balance and make sure that the lower branches won’t block light from reaching your home.
  • Tree Crown Thinning in Wordsley - We perform this operation on trees that have become dense with branches over time. When left alone, a tree’s crown will grow out of control and block out light. This can cause your garden to become dark and cold. We fix this by climbing the tree and carefully removing branches from within the crown.
  • Tree Crown Reduction in Wordsley - If for some reason, your tree is too tall, we can suggest a crown reduction. It’s quite a drastic process that has to be performed carefully by one of our expert tree surgeons. It can cause damage to a tree unless branches are carefully selected for removal.
  • Deadwooding in Wordsley - Dead limbs on trees are dangerous. Heavy and unpredictable, strong winds can bring these branches down onto property or possessions without much warning. As a tree gets older, it is more susceptible to decay and disease, so we would survey the dead parts and remove them responsibly.
  • Pollarding in Wordsley - The only way to completely restrict the growth of a mature tree, without felling it entirely. Branches are cut all the way back to the trunk, which stops the tree growing without killing it.
  • Trimming and Shaping Hedges and Shrubs in Wordsley - Marking borders without building fences, hedges are the best way to guarantee privacy in your green space. They can also become the home for all sorts of wildlife, but need to be looked after. Growing quickly, hedges need regular trimming to keep in check. Your garden will always benefit from shrubs, bushes and plants, but they need to be cared for to stay healthy and attractive. It takes regular maintenance to keep a shrub looking great, but we do it all the time.
  • Jungles Cleared in Wordsley - You might not expect to find a jungle in Wordsley, but we have cleared them from back gardens in the West Midlands for over ten years. Attempting a DIY jungle clearance can be too much for most, but with our trimming equipment, we make it look easy.

Why Choose Rowan For Your Tree Services in Wordsley?

If you are looking for professional tree surgery services in Wordsley, all of our staff are DBS checked and comprehensively insured. 

We are proud to maintain all industry standard qualifications in our staff, and are proud members of the Tradewell Trading Scheme. 

We stand by our reputation for efficient and reliable tree surgery work, and hope that we can help you make the right decisions in your green space.


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