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We are Rowan Tree Group and we provide professional and affordable tree surgery services in Quinton and the West Midlands. 

Gardens, yards, playgrounds and fields. We are called out in Quinton and across the West Midlands to customers that need a team of trusted professionals to carry out a whole range of tree surgery and landscaping jobs. As a comprehensively insured local business, your trust is our main concern.

We offer reliable and friendly service in all aspects of tree care. If you have concerns about anything in your green space from damaged trees to overgrown bushes, we have seen it all and will be happy to help out.

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Tree Surgery Services We Offer in Quinton

  • Tree Felling & Tree Removal in Quinton - Two main cuts are made when a tree surgeon is felling a tree. The “notch” and the “felling” cut. Using their skill and experience, one of our tree surgeons would force the tree to fall where they want by creating a hinge in the wood. This creates a controlled descent, leaving nothing to chance.
  • Sectional Dismantling in Quinton - One of our highly skilled climbers would choose limbs to remove from your tree whilst at the top of it. This is necessary when access is limited or the tree is growing close to buildings. Lowering sections down by rope is the safest and most controlled method of tree removal.
  • Tree Crown Lifting in Quinton - Raising the crown, or the green bit at the top, is done by selecting certain lower branches and removing them. This improves access underneath to a certain height from ground level.
  • Tree Crown Thinning in Quinton - If your tree is looking lopsided and unbalanced, we can improve its overall look by thinning the secondary and tertiary branches that come from the main trunk. This doesn’t just make it look better, but it will let through more light.
  • Tree Crown Reduction in Quinton - If your tree is too tall, you don’t need to fell the whole thing. It takes an experienced professional with climbing skills to reach the top branches, but when absolutely necessary, they can make light work of the top of your tree.
  • Deadwooding in Quinton - If you are concerned that part of your tree has died off, it could be a sign that it has been damaged or is infested with pests. Instead of felling the whole tree, we may be able to simply remove the dead branches, leaving only the healthy growth behind.
  • Pollarding in Quinton - You might recognise this technique, used to limit the growth of a tree whilst keeping it healthy. Trees growing over public highways can become a nuisance, so we prune back branches to stop them causing damage to passing vehicles.
  • Trimming and Shaping Hedges and Shrubs in Quinton - Your high hedges are great for privacy, but you can’t be expected to trim them without special equipment. We will tidy up your hedges and take the trimmings away with us, recycling 100% of the material. A well landscaped garden will almost always contain a number of shrubs to act as focal points. Whether they are fruit bearing or just there to look good, they should be maintained to stay healthy and productive. If your shrubs are growing across your windows, we can trim them back and let the light flood in to your home.
  • Jungles Cleared in Quinton - What’s that? There’s a jungle in Quinton? It might not be the Amazon, but the tangles of brambles, weeds and bushes are just as difficult to deal with. If you have moved to a new property and the garden has been left to grow wild, we can clear it out for you, take the rubbish away and recycle it responsibly.

Why Choose Rowan For Your Tree Surgery in Quinton?

We are comprehensively insured and all our tree surgeons are professionally qualified. We offer a complete range of tree services, from stump grinding to precision pruning. 

Having served Quinton and the surrounding communities for over a decade, we know that we are only as good as our last happy customer, so we try our best to offer the best services at affordable prices.


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