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As professional and trusted tree surgeons in Bilston and the Wider West Midlands, Rowan Tree Group have built a firm reputation for more than a decade. When it comes to trusted tree surgery and landscaping services, we like to think that we are the leading choice for private, commercial and council work.

Whether you have a tiny garden, huge estate or public green space, we have tackled jobs of all sizes and to suit all needs. If you have trees that need pruning or a total garden transformation, talk to one of our friendly team and arrange an inspection.

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Tree Surgery Services We Offer in Bilston

  • Tree Felling & Tree Removal in Bilston - When you imagine hiring a tree surgeon, it probably involves cutting a tree down to the ground. We try to avoid this if we can, but if necessary, one of our expert tree surgeons will make strategic cuts into the trunk to make it fall safely and in the right direction.
  • Sectional Dismantling in Bilston - Perfect for back gardens and green spaces with limited access and neighbours close by, the tree is literally taken apart from within. One of our climbing tree surgeons will ascend the tree and remove the branches from top to bottom, allowing for controlled removal in the tightest of spaces.
  • Tree Crown Lifting in Bilston - Trees that grow over public highways are not just unsightly, but could be illegal. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure that passing traffic is not damaged by an overgrown tree. This is often caused by lower branches that have overgrown, and crown lifting removes just these limbs. The overall shape and balance of the tree is restored this way.
  • Tree Crown Thinning in Bilston - The crown of your tree is the green part at the top that contains the lion’s share of the living material. Trees that have been left to grow unchecked can become a mass of twisted limbs, blocking out light and catching the wind. We recommend thinning out specific branches and limbs, to allow light and air to pass through.
  • Tree Crown Reduction in Bilston - We will always advise you on the best course of action when caring for your tree, and will recommend thinning the crown (the green bit) if your tree is blocking the light or looks like it is going to be blown over in the next big storm. This doesn’t reduce the size of your tree, but will decrease its overall size and weight.
  • Deadwooding in Bilston - A mature tree might have been standing for over 100 years. In that time, limbs naturally die off due to things like weather damage. The tree then runs a higher risk of decay and disease in the dead limb that could spread to the healthy parts of the tree. We recommend removing the dead wood so that the tree can grow on safely for years.
  • Pollarding in Bilston - City streets are the most likely space to spot a pollarded tree. When left to their own devices, trees will grow as much as possible. This can cause problems for local councils when they grow over roads or drop leaves that block drains. We would remove the growing parts of the tree to limit growth without removing it fully.
  • Trimming and Shaping Hedges and Shrubs in Bilston - Commonly found in well-landscaped gardens, hedges provide living boundaries and shrubs soften the impact of outside buildings. They can be a real asset when cared for, or an unsightly mess when left to grow without care. We offer either a trim up service or a plan of regular care, allowing you to relax and enjoy a beautiful garden.
  • Jungles Cleared in Bilston - When your back garden looks more at home in the Amazon rainforest than in Bilston, it’s time to call in the professionals. When left to their own devices, brambles, bushes and weeds can take over and ruin your green space. We come in and strim out the thick undergrowth, then take away all of the waste, to be disposed of ethically.

Why Choose Rowan For Your Tree Services in Bilston?

As trusted tree surgeons in Bilston and across the West Midlands, you can relax knowing that our friendly team of tree surgeons will put your green space in their safe hands.

Comprehensively insured, fully qualified and only using the best tools, we are confident that when we do a job, we do it well.


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