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Rowan Tree Group are a well known tree surgery and have been offering a host of professional arboricultural services to private sector businesses, private clients and council bodies across Halesowen and the West Midlands for over a decade, harnessing state of the art equipment alongside the ancient craft of tree surgery and landscaping.

We have a long list of happy customers over the years who trust us with their green spaces, whether maintaining bushes and shrubs, removing trees or making sure that they are healthy and beautiful for decades to come. We invest in our staff through training and are up to date on all national standards and industry recognised qualifications as a rule.

If one of our hundreds of satisfied customers haven’t already told you, Rowan Tree Group are the first choice in tree surgery across the West Midlands and especially in the Halesowen area. We have felled trees, landscaped gardens and cleared jungles throughout the area for over ten years. Our friendly team of qualified arborists are on hand to assess your green space, help you make the right decisions and carry out all work in a timely manner and at a price that you can afford.

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Tree Surgery Services We Offer in Halesowen

  • Tree Felling & Tree Removal in Halesowen - Sometimes, a tree needs to be removed for safety reasons. It might be due to rot, disease or infection, or it may be leaning dangerously near to overhead cables, the highway or rail tracks. We have the tools and the talent to complete this potentially dangerous job quickly and safely
  • Sectional Dismantling in Halesowen - If a tree does need to come down, but there isn’t the space for a traditional fell, one of our specialist climbing tree surgeons will ascend the tree and bring it down in sections, usually from the top to the bottom. If access is tight or objects are in the path of the tree, this is your only safe option
  • Tree Crown Lifting in Halesowen - The lower branches and limbs of a tree can cause problems for passing cars or pedestrians if your tree is growing close to a highway or right of way. By law in the UK, homeowners are responsible trees growing across property boundaries, so removing the lower sections can be the only solution in some cases
  • Tree Crown Thinning in Halesowen - When trees grow to a certain size they can become unstable, especially in high winds as the crown at the top of a tree catches the wind like the sails on a boat. We carefully remove upper branches and limbs that help to balance the weight of the tree and make it healthier in the long term
  • Tree Crown Reduction in Halesowen - Opposite to crown lifting, crown reduction is the practise of removing only the upper limbs and branches of a tree in order to reduce its overall height. A tree growing dangerously close to overhead power cables, telephone wires or other obstructions is an accident waiting to happen, so we will ensure the tree is healthy and will not cause problems for anyone
  • Deadwooding in Halesowen - As trees mature, some limbs and branches die off. They might not fall from the tree however, and can make walking near them unnecessarily dangerous. Heavy limbs could be held on by just a few fibres, so we would assess the danger and remove dead wood to improve the health of the tree and give you back your peace of mind
  • Pollarding in Halesowen - If you need to control the height, width and weight of a tree, this can be achieved through heavily pruning the growing sections of a tree. Commonly found in urban areas where space is at a premium, pollarding can be the best way of stopping unchecked growth without removing the tree altogether
  • Trimming and Shaping Hedges and Shrubs in Halesowen - Taming unruly hedges is just one of our specialties, you will be amazed at how a simple hedge prune can transform your garden. Regularly trimmed hedges are much more attractive and even healthier than if they are left to grow unchecked.
  • Jungles Cleared in Halesowen - Monster overgrown gardens can feel just like a jungle, full of hidden horrors waiting to be discovered. Even the most committed amateurs can be beaten by the jungle garden, but our experienced tree surgeons have the experience and talent needed to wrestle your untidy garden back into something that you and your family can enjoy all year round

Why Choose Rowan For Your Tree Services in Halesowen?

We match tried and tested techniques with modern equipment to get the job done swiftly, safely and efficiently, all to give you peace of mind and a green space worth spending time in. Just ask any of our hundreds of happy clients over the years who return to us time and again for any job, big or small in the Halesowen area. 

Sometimes the straightforward looking tasks can be the most difficult, so it’s best to leave precision work to competent, experienced professionals like Rowan Tree.  Having served the communities around Halesowen for over 10 years, we know our customers and what it takes to guarantee customer satisfaction


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