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We are Rowan Tree Group and we provide professional and affordable tree surgery services in Coseley and the West Midlands. If you have concerns about a tree on your property or want to transform your green spaces, we can help you every step of the way. Having worked for private, commercial and council clients for over ten years, there’s not much we haven’t seen or done.

From small urban courtyards to full-size rural gardens, our fully-insured team will work with you to create the space you deserve. We work with nature to ensure a safe and attractive place for you and your family to enjoy the greener things in your life.

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Tree Surgery Services We Offer in Coseley

  • Tree Felling & Tree Removal in Coseley - Trees are wonderful parts of any garden or green space. Sometimes, though, they become diseased or damaged by animals or weather and need to be removed. Felling is the process of making cuts into the trunk to make a tree fall down in a controlled way. The tree surgeon’s skill and experience here is vital in order to avoid property damage.
  • Sectional Dismantling in Coseley - When a tree has grown close to buildings, power lines or other trees, felling it in the traditional way is not an option. In these cases, our tree surgeons will either climb the tree or use a cherry picker to take the tree down piece by piece.
  • Tree Crown Lifting in Coseley - A tree’s secondary branches can grow in all directions, dependent upon many different factors. When branches grow downwards, they can block access, light and warmth from reaching your home. One of our trusted arborists will make your tree presentable again by pruning lower branches to raise the crown.
  • Tree Crown Thinning in Coseley - Tree branches can become tangled and create a dense mass of wood in the top of a tree unless properly cared for. Older trees can suffer when a dense crown is more wind resistant, which puts a strain on the root ball. Thinning the crown involves climbing into the crown and removing selected branches. This allows wind and light to pass through, whilst also improving the look of the tree.
  • Tree Crown Reduction in Coseley - This is a sometimes drastic operation performed by skilled tree surgeons. When a tree has become too tall and is interfering with overhead cables, it can be necessary to reduce the upper limbs for the health of the tree as a whole.
  • Deadwooding in Coseley - Dead tree limbs can die off, which is just a natural part of a tree’s life cycle. This can, unfortunately, lead to rot and decay in the branch which leaves it weak and liable to fall. If growing close to your home, it could cause damage or even injury. Deadwooding involves removing these parts of the tree to keep the rest of it healthy.
  • Pollarding in Coseley - When a tree was originally planted, the owner might not have realised how big they can grow. When a tree has outgrown its plot and risks damaging property, it can be pollarded to limit further growth. The growing parts of the tree are removed close to the trunk, leaving a healthy tree that doesn’t overgrow.
  • Trimming and Shaping Hedges and Shrubs in Coseley - Hedges are like a living fence that act as attractive boundaries and features in your green space. To keep them healthy, they need pruning and shaping. This maintains their new shoots and makes sure that they grow in a uniform way. Shrubs and other woody plants are great for the garden. They are hardy and need infrequent maintenance, but can grow to large sizes and block light across ground floor windows. We recommend trimming and shaping at least twice a year to maintain health and balanced growth.
  • Jungles Cleared in Coseley - Brambles, vines, out of control bushes and dense undergrowth are difficult to clear unless you have the right tools and experience. Our team use strimmers to cut through the thickest parts and clear all the waste, leaving the garden free to enjoy again.

Why Choose Rowan For Your Tree Surgery in Coseley?

We have operated in Coseley and the West Midlands for over a decade, caring for trees, hedges and more with our team of experienced tree surgeons. 


Our diverse range of expertise has led us into contracts with private, commercial and public sector clients. Fully insured and trained, we only use the best equipment to get the job done right, the first time.


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