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With over a decade of landscaping, gardening and tree surgery services under our belt, we know how to transform your green space from a tired eyesore into your own slice of paradise. Comprehensively insured and using the latest technology alongside traditional artisan techniques, we will assess the area, offer you the best advice we can, and then carry out the work promptly.

Our friendly and professional team have transformed the green spaces of private, public and council clients in Smethwick and across the West Midlands, and will tackle jobs of any size with the utmost commitment towards professionalism and with your best interests in mind. So, if your green space is in need of renovating, or if you have big ideas about improving your home and adding value to it by landscaping, we can make the process as simple as picking up the phone.

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The Services We Offer In Smethwick

  • Fencing in Smethwick - All aspects of fencing are covered, including post and rail, picket fencing, panel fencing as well as concrete post and gravel boards. These are used to mark boundaries, create private spaces and protect green spaces from wind.
  • Slabbing and Flag Laying in Smethwick - Patios are a common sight in gardens, allowing homeowners to enjoy their outside spaces for entertaining and relaxing, whatever the weather. We offer a wide range of surfaces from concrete to natural stone can be laid in two broad methods, individual bedding of large slabs, or laying a bed of screed before placing blocks in any configuration to fit the space.
  • Turfing in Smethwick - A natural, living lawn can be achieved in most gardens or green spaces by removing the old turf and replacing it with fresh grass that is grown off-site. We lay it onto specially prepared soil quickly, and with excellent results, resulting in a beautiful green garden.
  • Jungle Clearances in Smethwick - Overgrown, neglected gardens and green spaces are a daunting task, but using brush-cutting tools and the latest chippers, we will clear out-of-control spaces ready for landscaping.
  • Garden Walls in Smethwick - We offer a range of different options when it comes to building a garden wall, from heritage reclaimed house bricks to speciality facing bricks, using a variety of bonds and patterns to create the space you desire in your green space.
  • Blockwork in Smethwick - Blocks of concrete or cement are used to build durable masonry walls and structures, joined with mortar for strength and available in a range of sizes and shapes. We can build solid structures quickly using this method, and then cover it with a variety of surfaces to create the desired look. Favoured by tradespeople, this is an economical and swift way to add value to your property.
  • Driveways in Smethwick - Parking is becoming increasingly scarce, and many property owners are opting to create driveways for their security and peace of mind. We offer both main types of driveway, block paved in a similar fashion to a patio with slabs bedded onto a leveled medium, or a poured concrete monolith that will ensure private parking for years to come.
  • Decorative Gravelling in Smethwick - Gravelling with pebbles, small stones or stone chips can transform a bland garden, driveway or path into a real feature. With a huge range of materials available, we can advise you on the best way to create a desired look that is as practical as it is beautiful.
  • Concreting in Smethwick - Concrete is as versatile as it is practical, and can be dyed to create different colours, as well as textured with materials or using tools during the finishing stage. We can advise you on the best use of concrete for landscaping, whether as a structural part of a larger design, or as a feature itself.
  • Garden Maintenance in Smethwick - We offer a both one-off garden maintenance, or ongoing care of your green spaces. From mowing lawns and pruning trees or bushes, to seasonal tasks such as leaf clearance, we offer advice and skilled tradespeople, so you don’t have to worry about your sanctuary becoming a jungle.
  • Tree and Shrub Planting in Smethwick - As a property owner, you can make lasting changes to your green space by adding trees or shrubs that can transform a boring space into your very own woodland. We pride ourselves on selecting and expertly planting a variety of native and exotic species of trees and shrubs, to give them the best home, and to improve yours.

Why choose Rowan for Landscaping in Smethwick?

If you are concerned about fly-by-night tradespeople that will cost you time and money, our professional team of landscapers and tree surgeons have been serving Smethwick and the West Midlands since 2007, in that time transforming green spaces on a daily basis.

We are committed to recycling 100% of garden waste, and will never leave a mess after work is completed. So, if trees or shrubs need planting or if you need a new fence or wall, contact our friendly team. We can advise you on the right materials and techniques for creating feature paths or driveways or even a whole new turf lawn.

Garden maintenance is a chore that most busy people just don’t have time for. Covering all aspects of garden maintenance, homeowners can relax in their green spaces knowing that the professionals are on the job. Your peace of mind starts when you know that everything has been taken care of by us.


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